Flood Coats

by Flood Coats

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released April 1, 2014

Drums on 1, 2, and 3 recorded by Patrick Norton at Citizen Recording
Drums on 4 recorded by Chris Hobson at Rarefied Recording
Moog and Vocals recorded by Chris Hobson at Rarefied Recording
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Hobson

Flood Coats: Joel P West and Darla Hawn



all rights reserved


Flood Coats Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Matchflame
Ceaseless and deep, the light is becoming
Garners the common to garnish and charm me
Vignetted, specked, and brined for the keeping
But what I see in RGB seems to burn like a match flame

Into nothing

I feel like more than body and gender
But if not a soul, I’m just what I remember
I wake up in love with everything I see
Grieving for time I’ve spent staring at other people’s memories

Mourn for moments that won’t come back again
Gone as soon as the next began, spent and swallowed up

Mourn for portions lived vicarious and cold
Unaware that the passing glow
Could be all we are
Track Name: Parch My Heart
Underneath the thunder afternoon
The city flared like a marigold in bloom
Spoiled in the orange light I knew
I couldn’t find in myself the mind to muse

Parch my heart, I’m full to the brim
Gone so far my head starts to spin
Soaking in what we want
We get hunger-starved
Parch my heart, I’m sleepless again

I’m leaving empty-pocketed at dawn
To find the heavier breath I used to draw
Cause I’ve been looking down with no idea what I’m looking for
And when I find something good, I just scroll and scroll for more

Parch my heart, I’m full to the brim
Echoes of the person I’ve been
If the things we want
Become the things what we are
Starve my heart, I’m listless again
Track Name: What Starts It
I’m sorry I’m so blurry
I spent the whole night stirring
In dreams that keep recurring, they play like truth

I swell up with darkness
and I’m not sure what starts it
Since I’m facing it less often, the portions grew

Still, the morning semblance
Is still and warm and pleasant
Still the tired questions hang deep in me

Maybe I’m too anxious
Maybe I’m just faithless
I’m scared of occupation posing as peace

It’s gotten easier to skim right over the blues
But when I dull one hue, all the others dull too

I swell up with darkness, I swell up with darkness
But it brings a feeling sweet and conscious that I don’t want to part with
Track Name: The Moth Rite
Put down the cell phone
Stand in the window
Study the shadow

Switch off the porch light
Follow the moth flight
Suddenly undefined
In the dark of night, in the dark

Without any silence
I get so compliant
Convinced of the rites I know

I lose touch with the limbo
And the impulse we follow
After the door is closed

And in the dark of night, in the dark
I am wild and alive
The terror sparks this heavy light
More beckoning than reason

In the mess of mind, in the mess
I am so taken by what I find
With my perception unconfined
The senses overwhelm me